What bothers you?

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a few days. I have been busy as I left HSI and came home to visiting grandparents. I love my family dearly, so don’t take me wrong, but I miss being at Laramie in the dorms with y HSI family. I seriously loved it there and if anyone of my viewers is a sophomore in Wyoming they should talk to their counselor about the HSI program, because it is a great experience.

Now getting to the topic I have chosen today, “what bothers you?” For some people its simple little things and for others it is big stuff, for me it is being hypocritical and also judge others by their appearance or first impression. If I learned anything at HSI it was to stop judging people from their appearance and coming home was pretty hard, because my dad does this more times then he could ever realize. Now I love my dad and his flaws, but its hard dealing with someone who is stubborn and won’t realize what they are doing. I also hat when people judge others for something that that person judging does. For example if you cuss and then turn around and yell at someone for cussing. Can you see the hypocrisy?

What bothers you? It could be anything and I’d love to hear what bothers you. It could be anything! Leave a comment.

My HSI experience

So this camp has been the biggest life changing experience that I have had so far in all my 15 years. I seriously have never had this much openness and motivation to be myself. I feel like a new person. I have been more honest, more independent, and more confident through this camp. I have been able to talk about hard topics and have meet people that I hope to keep in touch with through out my life. I just love it here and that’s why it’s so hard to face the fact that I have only have 2 more days here. I am not ready to go home.

Through this camp I have learned that I am ready to be independent and grow up and that while I grow up, I can still be a kid. I don’t have to be a completely different person just because I am older. I feel like this has been an eye opener for me to how much media changes my life. Whether it be through Facebook, news, Pinterest, exc. I can let it impact me or use it to my advantage. I have never been open to that part of technology as my parents have raised me to view technology as evil or something similar to that. I was like a little child still curious to the possibilities, but too scared to see if what my wise parents told me were true or not. I learned now thought that I can reach so many people through Facebook, Twitter, and even my Blog. That is why I have decided to keep my blog going and to try to share it to more and more people. I hope it reaches many people one day and that I can use it to change what has been going on in this world.


So this is a very touchy topic right now, but I would like to take a moment to send a prayer to the families that have lost loved ones. Especially those that lost loved ones in Charleston. It personally hurt me to learn about the deaths. We need to look at this situation and take action. We need to stop allowing this to happen on a big or small scale. We are all human beings no matter what race, culture, sexuality, age, or gender. We are leaving in a world that is far from equal and we will not get there if we don’t take actions to achieve equality. Please give yourself a moment to pray over the families and also to pray over our country as a whole.


Take a moment to hold your loved ones and to cherish them and give respect to those who have died no matter what “color” you may be. Then think about what you can do to change this world and leave a comment. Hope everyone has a good day and please remember that your actions and words can change this world.


Multi-tasking effects the way we remember information and from the video we watched, probably our brain. I feel like I can’t multi-task to save my life. I have to focus on information or I’ll lose it all within a short period of time. During this lecture and video, I was actually attempting to multi-task. I couldn’t remember half of what we watched. Kristen asked me if I had any opinions on it and I was unprepared to answer. I have to admit I checked out as soon as Spencer started to talk about his opinion, because it came off on a more offensive tone and that bothered me, but I should have been paying attention. So I apologize for that Spencer. But it was also, because I was playing Candy Crush. I feel like in the future I will probably try to focus more, but I like the mind break it gives me.

I feel like technology is over using our brains especially now since our brains aren’t fully mature. The two ideas I came up with are our brains are either going to grow up with technology and grow stronger or they aren’t going to grow to what they have for older generations. I feel like we will be able to use screens longer, but in the long run it will hurt us.

Mooks and Midriffs

So for those of you who don’t know what Mooks and Midriffs are, “Mooks are archetypal young males(teens-early 20s) who act like moronic boneheads. They are self centered simpletons who live a drunken frat-boy lifestyle(or are frat-boys)…Midriff culture is fairly standardized and quite conformist. Their behaviour seems centered around sexuality, narcissism, and complete lack of brains.” So to summarize it they are the stereotype of popularity. These terms were coined 14 years ago and I feel like they are still fairly dominate today. Girls are still shown flaunting their bodies and guys are supposed to be jerks to stand out to people. It’s kind of sad that this is still around, because we shouldn’t flaunt our body off or have to be completely brain dead to be hot or popular. I hope our society can change someday, but until then we will just have to hope it doesn’t change us that much.

Generation Like

Yesterday and today we watched a video. It is a PBS Frontline episode. It is a bit long, but it is definitely an eye opener and I would strongly suggest you take the time to watch it. The one thing that really haunted me during the night and now is do I really care about likes on my Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? And should I care? Well I think to answer this question I have to be 100% honest with myself and any viewers I may have so, I do care, but only to a certain extent. I didn’t care about all of the likes/followers/reposts until my friends started pointing them out. I DIDN’T care, but as soon as my friends started pointing those out I started caring and noticing how many likes I had gotten. I also noticed that mentally I will perk up if I am on a social media and I see that someone liked something of mine. I sort of do a jump in my mind and yell YES! silently to myself and then that feeling of being important will last for a day maybe. But I don’t try to get likes like some. I will post things that I think are cool, funny, or meaningful and I don’t care if it gets me many likes, but its a plus to get likes. I feel like if I wanted to start a big chain or something important, I probably could through these different medias though.

Now to answer my second question, I will look back at the episode. In the hour show they describe the Hunger Games and go on to compare it to social media. The game makers would then be the social media and the tributes would be the kids that are inside of something that is controlled by others. I feel like kids will get lost and hurt in social media just like they do in the games. Some will rise to feel on top while others fall down, but no matter which one you are in the Hunger Games, you get scared in one way or another. I really hope that we can break out of this just like they do in Catching Fire, but we will have to leave that up to our future choices.

The perfections in the imperfections

Today we discussed the new idea of beauty. For girls it is ideal for us to be slimmer, tall, with a  nice butt, and nice boobs. For guys it’s all about being buff, masculine, and having tattoos. These understandings of beauty can be displayed through magazines and other advertisements. People will see a “perfect” model on a magazine and feel insecure. We will be in school and girls/guys will be saying how hot a model is and that will make a guy/girl who isn’t like that model feel worse about themselves. These knew concepts of beauty or perfection have made a society of scared individuals that lack self confidence.

Before today I was unaware of the true extent the social media had on males. I was aware of how it affects women, because I am one of them, but failed to see how males could also feel these insecurities. I feel like this problem has been around a lot longer then we realize. For example, in Victorian England, women would wear corsets in order to feel beautiful. That is a smaller version of how people in todays era will get surgery to look more perfect. Watch this video about the idea of beauty through a long period of time. I found it very interesting. I feel like we have had to use objects, surgeries, exc. to feel beautiful for far too long.

Something I would like to tie into this blog is the lack of equality in todays society. People who are more dominant usually are prettier, wealthier, exc. The people who are on top of society will stay their, because they are the faces we see in magazines, TV shows, movies, and a lot more places. These people are the ones who lead our society, that are the “top dogs” and by being displayed as the perception of perfect the lower part of society becomes less self confident and overall lower. With this lack of self confidence they will make poor decisions and maybe spend money on surgery to try to attain the beauty mark, but losing that money they needed to live on the way.

Our society is flawed in so many ways, ways that I think won’t get better in time. I believe that we as individuals need to choose to not listen to the ideas of perfection and see our imperfections as perfections, because it makes us unique and ourselves. Without the imperfections we would be in a world with everyone looking the same, doing the same things, and being robots in a sense. I feel like if we could have magazine displaying true women and men in what we actually are, we would be more confident and spread the “power” around to more people in society.

I personally have had a lack of self confidence. For a variety of reasons, I felt that I wasn’t pretty or worth it. I honestly have had a struggle to change that perception, because it is in everyday media. I have began to feel more self confident, but still consider it a struggle some days. For my friends and family it also affects them. They feel like they have to wear certain cloths, wear makeup, exc.

My goal in looking at all this information is to try to change my perception of beauty and to feel more perfect through my imperfections.

June 15th, 2015

Sorry I haven’t been on recently. I have actually been really busy with socializing and writing that I have been off electronics. Today has been going rather well in my opinion. Our media class went the Cheyenne Newspaper. It was fascinating to see the whole process of making the newspaper. But the best part of this trip would definitely be the drive back to Downey Hall. Max, Sean, Valarie, Kaylee, and I all bonded a little more. For sure us 3 girls did anyway.

This weekend was also a hit. I meet some more folks and had a blast. Let me back up a little bit. Before this whole program I decided I wanted to go to a church while I was in Laramie. So I talked to some individuals in Rock Springs about which church. They suggested Harvest, so my mom called the church to ask someone if they were willing to pick me up and take me to church. This wonderful lady, Danea, agreed and so I met yet another stranger, that I would connect with and hopefully stay in touch with. We went to church, had lunch, and even went downtown. We had a blast! Her and her roommates were great people that I am glad to be able to say I met.

How has everyone else been? Hopefully everyone is doing well and I will talk to you all again tomorrow!

Book Banning

Today we read a children’s book called And Tango Makes Three. It was about two male penguins together and them being like every other couple only males. They hatched an egg and again were like everyone else. A pro-censorship person would say that this book shouldn be banned,  because they are too young to have these feelings or maybe because it is against their beliefs. An anti-censorship point of view would argue that kids need to understand that these feelings are okay.

I personally feel the ban was appropriate for this age group. I wouldn’t want my son or daughter to read this book at a young age. I would say that they should let high scholar’s read it though, because some people are dealing with this issue. I would hold a pro-censorship view, because I would want it banned from certain age groups.

In my school, I have not had any banned books that I am aware of. My parents have banned me from certain books due to sexual-graphic content and also other religious books. My parents don’t want me to be into the “wrong” religion I guess you could say. They also think I am too young for books with sex in it. I agree with them for the most part.

We watched a YouTube video that showed the top 10 banned book list, I have read one of the books, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I read it in my class actually, so I was fairly surprised to see it on the list.

My opinion about book banning is that I feel books, movies, websites, exc. should NOT be banned for religious beliefs or anything along those lines. I feel like we are in an age where we need to grow and in order to grow it would be a great idea for us to see all their is in this world, whether is be made up, history, or graphic. I do understand the age restrictions until we are in High School, because some books are just too graphic for kids and they don’t understand how to process it correctly, although neither do some high school students. I do think that being allowed to view more as a high school student gives us a taste of the “Real World.” Another issue I have with banning books or other media is nearly impossible these days, because if people want to get to something, I can assure you that it IS out there somewhere maybe hidden, but not completely out of view. I think that for that reason banning can be argued to be pointless and time wasting.

The first amendment relates to book banning, because we have freedom to press, so publishing our written works is a given right. I think that some of our rights have been taken away, but in school our rights are different then in any different place, due to the need to protect the students.

The Media in today’s world

media coverage charity

Today we took a Current Event News Quiz. I did terrible on it just because of how little I pay attention to the world. I feel like yes I should get into news more, but at the same time how are we supposed to hear an unbiased news report? I want the facts so I can digest the information and evaluate it for myself. I also hate being wrong and so finding incorrect or biased information and then learning I am wrong from a friend really bothers me.

We also took a Survey on News and Entertainment Use. I did pretty poorly on that as well, because I am not on a bunch of media sites. I feel a little uneasy about that, because if I don’t get to see stories then I am I the dark and am not as knowledgeable as my peers.

News to me is straight facts that the viewer can take to understand the full picture fairly easily. I get my news from a variety of sources. For example I listen to Fox News, ESPN, and some other news broadcasts. I also read about different events from Google searches and from word of mouth from friends, peers, and family. I don’t trust my news sources that well, because I don’t know what is real and what is opinionated.

I will talk to people about news if they bring it up or if I run out of different topics (which isn’t that often, but could be eventually). I don’t feel comfortable talking about news with people that are easily offended, because I like being honest and sticking to what I feel to be right. I do talk about news with my parents to get their opinion on something, but their opinion is definitely slanted towards a religious perspective and, for my dad, a stubborn straight path. So it can be rather difficult to discuss the full picture and to venture into other perspectives.

To broaden my horizon a little bit, I could read more news and search for a actual news source that is fairly close to my definition of news. This would help my become more cultured and add to my intelligence. This would also allow me to learn how to better the world around me as I grow up. I hope to make an impact in this world one way or another during my life and so understanding my environment would definitely help me to accomplish a goal I have.

My entertainment diet consists of a variety of books, movies, and TV shows, such as Grimm, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, and Disney shows. I also like to play a variety of games with my little brother. I use this entertainment sources, because my family likes them and my friends also do. I like to spend time on entertainment or other media for about 4 to 6 hours a week max, because I like to spend time doing other stuff that is more active. I could extend my time in media or news by listening to the news radio station more. I tend to listen to just music while I am doing activities, because that is a way I express myself.

My parents have always been pretty lenient with what I watch, because they know I am responsible to know what I shouldn’t be watching. My mom has been a little more cautious then my Dad, but my parents trust me to make those decisions.